Pain in the butt……..and leg literally

October 18, 2012

This is in response to people asking about where have I been past 4 weeks , since I have not been the most compliant returning calls, texts. Or emails. So this is the most logical + easiest way to respond. This is not a pity party-just hopefully a minor bump on the road. I am fine considering everything

October 1, 2012 note

After working a 12 hr. shift in an Urgent Care Center in Scranton, during a short period of rain, I slipped and fell in a parking lot .Initially, only my pride was bruised from my less than graceful fall;
However, by the time I got home from my 2 hr. drive, I started developing low back, (R) hip, (R) anterior. Tibia pain.. This is not good when you have had a laminectomy 30 years ago and a discectomy 15 yrs. ago.

My situation today is, after 1 week of strongly recommended Bed rest and avoidance of interaction with people (if possible) to reduce stress, I am still experiencing moderate amount of sciatic pain on siting after 1 minute. Sucks being a patient.

I have seen a chiropractor (massage +stretching), discussed case with Neurology (prescribed a muscle relaxer), saw Pain Specialist (trigger point injections), Rx mild. pain med) ,Still on tapered dose of Prednisone, and finally talked to Neurosurgeon(was part of group that did my discectomy 15 years ago)

Now I have to get an MRI to decide exactly the Diagnosis, and, if it is a Herniated Disc that is putting pressure on the nerve, than need to take care of it.

If MRI is negative, then great ( I wish) and i will deal with pain.

Dilemma is No health insurance, No Disability Insurance (working as Locum Tenens independent contractor, these benefits are not offered ) Doing Ok and soon, this minor problem shall pass also, and I will again be able to sit up again pain-free.

Monday 10/15 Progress note –
Had a MRI on Thursday, visit with Neurosurgeon on Friday.
Good news-no surgery at this time
Bad news-Per neurosurgeon-I have a very shitty back.
MRI reveals multiple severe foramina stenosis of Lumbar spine causing inflammation of nerves=sciatica multiple areas.
(stenosis=narrowing of spine)
So why couldn’t it be narrowing of my abdomen instead of spine?So unable to sit or stand for more than a couple of minutes , but able to finally sleep thru night last night first time.
Now , been told it will take a couple of weeks and hopefully pain will decrease.
Will need to look for new work soon-no income or disability will make this challenging.
So I will be hanging out+ if any one wants to help this old, pathetic patient recover, I ain’t proud (my pride has been taken away years ago)
It is What it is
This too shall pass