The unfortunate Demise of Family Practice in small town


I Just came back from another week helping out a practice that is 30 minutes past Pittsburgh   which lost their doctor suddenly from a MI.

.Sad, because this practice is the epitome of Family Practice Demise, especially in… small town America. Most likely this practice will be bought out by a big Health Corporation.

Good, always nice to help others. This was a group mitzvah (Yiddish for a good deed), plus tried to assist many in the grieving process for losing a good doctor and a friend to many in this small town for the past 30 years.

Unfortunately, many of my past patients are able to relate to this.  Ten years ago, Politics forced me to close my practices of 25 years due to being an Unofficial expert of Adult ADD and treating patient’s mental health to improve their physical health.

I did continue a couple of my own traditions

1)  Mutual abuse to and from the staff in a fun way.

2)  I introduced to Western Pennsylvania my game “Name that Dysfunction “, and, yes, they are almost as stressed as everyone else.


One Response to The unfortunate Demise of Family Practice in small town

  1. Taylor Hodges says:

    Dr Stu,

    I would love to have a chat with you, I cannot find a contact number or email anywhere but have a position which suits your experience and credentials perfectly!

    Taylor HOdges

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