It has been awhile, sorry just been tad distracted

August 19, 2017

I have not written on this site for awhile , and, I apologize for the long pause.

Partly, Facebook has taken some of my focus away from this site , plus I think I have had remnants of my PTSD due to being beat up by the state for falsely accusing me of being impaired on my Adderall. This resulted in my participation in the PHP program for 5 years , and , was able to disprove that accusation per the attending psychiatrist.

Basically , I have been targeted by certain health powers due to my advocacy of Adult ADD from a family practice slant ever since I sold my 6 doctor practice 14 years ago and essentially being vulnerable as a solo family doc.

Six months ago ,I again had to deal with the politics of the medical world , when a parent, of an adult patient, filed a complaint against me. The patient was 35 years old. I never met or talked to the mother per patient’s request , observing patient -doctor confidentiality.

Fortunately, after the state did their due diligence by doing an investigation for 6 months , I received the news last week that the complaint was dismissed. So I am very appreciative of the outcome, but for 6 months , I must admit that I was apprehensive what the outcome would mean for my professional career.

So , I am hoping I can move on without too much distractions , but , life these days is a real challenge for most of us.

I never really had any major  problems with patients that I have taken care over 35 years, just with the health corporate power brokers.

Still ,paying the price for thinking outside the box  for treating patient’s mental health to improve their physical ailments.  Oh well, why should life be simple.

The unfortunate Demise of Family Practice in small town

April 14, 2016


I Just came back from another week helping out a practice that is 30 minutes past Pittsburgh   which lost their doctor suddenly from a MI.

.Sad, because this practice is the epitome of Family Practice Demise, especially in… small town America. Most likely this practice will be bought out by a big Health Corporation.

Good, always nice to help others. This was a group mitzvah (Yiddish for a good deed), plus tried to assist many in the grieving process for losing a good doctor and a friend to many in this small town for the past 30 years.

Unfortunately, many of my past patients are able to relate to this.  Ten years ago, Politics forced me to close my practices of 25 years due to being an Unofficial expert of Adult ADD and treating patient’s mental health to improve their physical health.

I did continue a couple of my own traditions

1)  Mutual abuse to and from the staff in a fun way.

2)  I introduced to Western Pennsylvania my game “Name that Dysfunction “, and, yes, they are almost as stressed as everyone else.


I guess I am just going to be a content Board Eligible Family Doc that does much better with patients than taking tests

December 30, 2015

As expected, I found out today that I DIDN’T PASS THE BOARDS. I am still Board Eligible , and I can take the boards again 6 months (not sure if I want to do this again).

I can still + will practice anywhere in the country, and really nothing has changed.

Hell, I haven’t been Board Certified last 5 years after the state and the PHP unfairly and unjustly went after me 7 years ago.
Prior to the PHP nightmare I passed the boards for 30 years every 6-8 years

Certain hospital owned practices and certain Urgent Care centers due to their bylaws won’t allow doctors to be hired if you are not Board Certified.

I knew that I had just a long shot to pass, since I haven’t done hospital medicine in 15 years (most Family docs don’t do it), I was twice the age of most doctors taking the exams; Exams were all about academic , no oral exams or common sense family medicine questions

Plus, I haven’t practiced family medicine on a regular basis ever since the PHP debacle; I have worked more in Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and House Calls.

I studied decently, but the only way I truly learn is by doing family medicine on a regular basis due to my ADD.

Doesn’t matter that I have a great patient and staff satisfaction approval rating , never had a negative malpractice suit or that I passed the boards for 30 years

It hurts , but I am not devastated or shocked . I guess I will be bummed for 1-2 days , and after emotions clear, I will decide which of my many options I will pursue.

Politics , power, and money rules( Presently short supply of all three), and I continue to pay the price for thinking outside the box, being a family doc who is somewhat an unofficial expert on Adult ADD.

This is not a pity party, just letting many of my patients, colleagues and friends know the results , since so many have inquired about the Boards.

Life goes on.

And the medical world wonders why family practice is becoming extinct.


dr. stu rosan

Fun day tomorrow of 10 hours testing for the Politically controlled Family Practice Recertification Exams

November 16, 2015

Well, I am going to have a fun day tomorrow. I am going to take my Family Practice Re-Certification Boards, which will be 10 hours of different tests.

Basically, it’s an all Academic ,hospital based content without any oral testing which means no exact measure of how a doctor interacts with patients. Plus, I will be taking the exams with other doctors half my age , who only really know Academics. Last dilemma is , as with most other older docs, I haven’t done any Hospital medicine in the last 15 years .

Having an excellent, large patient satisfaction following for years and no negative malpractice lawsuit in my 35 years means nothing in these corporate controlled healthcare new worlds.

Along with being ADD with difficulty reading , I am not too optimistic about the outcome. It’s all about Politics and money for the Boards and , of course, Bullshit!

I have always been able to practice the past 5 years of being only Board Eligible. What it means is , if I don’t pass, then I will still be unable to apply for half of job opportunities , most being hospital related practices.

I was Board Certified for 30 years ,passing my boards every 6 years. then lost my Certification when I was “volunteered” placement in the PHP for 5 years , and taken off my Adderall for the first 3 years. after being falsely accused of impairment .

So , of course, the 2nd year that I was in this program, and not allowed to be on my meds and tad stressed by this program ,I did not pass..

Hell my concern is my ability to sit for 9-10 hours without too much impact on my health( with 2 prior back surgeries and being Diabetic).

Hopefully, I will be able to answer all the questions in time, physically be able to walk out of the testing site , so that I can drive home nd pour myself a stiff drink.


Dr. R.