Explanation of past 2 years(2010) + 2015 update

AN EXPLANATION of past couple of years for many of you who keep asking what has happened to me.

I have taken a short sabbatical from practicing medicine due to multiple factors.

One, was that for 23 years, I owned and managed a 6 doctor practice, followed by selling the practice and being a solo physician past 5 years. I was truly overwhelmed and “burnt out”.

Second, being somewhat an unofficial expert of Adult ADD from a family practice slant, I met some challenging obstacles in my continual pursuit of providing ideal quality care to my patients. These challenges have been quite stressful both to my patients and to me.

Third, a PHP psychiatrist felt also this was the best route for me plus

I was placed in the PHP after a complaint by a PARENT of an ADULT patient was received by the state board of medicine. The patient did not complain, but the parent registered the complaint with the state medical board. The state board was obligated to investigate me , which was fine , since I felt that I gave appropriate quality care to this patient.

The STATE, a couple of months ago, sent me a letter stating that the investigation case WAS DISMISSED and that there was NO legal wrongdoing found…

The PHP and PHMP are programs for assisting impaired physicians in guidance and care while continuing their medical professions.

Due to the complaint,however, I was evaluated by one of the PHP Addictions Psychiatrist and was initially Diagnosed as “Impaired even though I NEVER WAS or HAVE BEEN impaired. I disagreed with the diagnosis, but it was out of my control.

For the past 15 years my Adult ADD has always treated by a an appropriate physician in addition to my psychologist providing excellent therapy. Unfortunately, no one from the state ,PHP or PHMP had any communications with my 2 doctors who have treated me the past 15 years.
To keep my medical license intact, I enlisted in both the PHP and PHMP. Most of you know I was sent to a facility near Chicago for 3 months for an evaluation, where I became a big fan of deep dish Pizza. I attend weekly meetings and caduceus meetings as part of my obligations to the PHP and PHMP. I have presently one and half years left to complete the program for the PHMP. ( This letter was written 2 years ago , and I successfully completed this program so much politics and BS)

The psychiatrist who initially diagnosed me as being dependent , to his credit, realized I wasn’t dependent or addicted to any substances. He realized that the significant amount of stress from the past 10 years of unusual stressors along with being very ADD contributed to my situation.

We all the know the axiom, “Doctors make the worst patients”, and , I , of course , might  have been   there.

Fortunately, my ADD is being treated on the same the medication , that I was on for the past  15 years. And , yes, it has made a difference.( as my staff and many of you can attest to that)

In conclusion, I have paid a huge price for being BOTH a patient plus being somewhat of an unofficial expert of ADULT ADD, which, unfortunately is a very slippery slope.

One Response to Explanation of past 2 years(2010) + 2015 update

  1. Ken says:

    Dr. Rosan where are you? I miss hearing from you. Please update.
    Ken White

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