ADD -my journey

January 2007

I feel that I have been pretty dedicated for 25 years in doing quality care for my patients. That’s a given.I also believe That NO ONE is built perfectly mentally and that we all have certain functions–Dysfunctions. And, that we all pay the price both mentally and physically. Can I prove it? No (If I could, I would be rich, famous, and probably not still in the office).

I learned this when my neurosurgeon said to me 15 years ago “Why don’t you practice what you preach”, after finding no significant reason why my back was hurting and immobilizing me. 15 years before I had a laminectomy for A large Herniated Disc. Well, PAGS was right, and after being put on Prozac, my back got much better. That was my first realization and education of How much the Mind can affect the body.

About 12 years ago, I was going through a fun divorce ( aren’t most?), and went to my therapist, a Great woman, Amy C.(hopefully, she is too busy to read this-don’t want her to get too cocky) I was concerned about that I  might be ADD. She said sure and gave me this book “Driven to Distraction”, to read plus had a prescription for Ritalin. Well, I took one pill, didn’t feel much of a difference, and denied that I was ADD .. Six months later, I still had not read or even opened the book(Because I was ADD) I decided to take the pill, so that I could read the book (especially, since my staff, friends, patients, my dogs all thought I was a tad Irritable, scattered and slightly disorganized-hard for me to believe that).

After reading a quarter of the book(a MAJOR accomplishment still ), I felt like I was reading my autobiography. Then, I was switched to ADDERALL, and, my world was easier to figure out; was able just to DO IT-meaning, and get things done without procrastinating my life away.

These lessons that I was forced to learn (against my better judgment-thank god), enabled me to educate (i KNOW THAT IS A HARD CONCEPT EVEN FOR ME TO VISUALIZE), diagnose and treat my patients better, more efficiently as a person totally, instead of their body parts individually. From what I can gather, my patients are healthier, more active, less stressed, and more productive in life, (I don’t think my patients would lie to me-HMMMM)

Last, my mother, Suky Rosan, is still pretty well known, even though she passed away 3 years ago. She was a pip(that’s an understatement), and had the top Bridal Store in Philly for 35-40 years. She had the Chutzpah (Yiddish for balls) to start her business 35 some years ago; took out a huge loan at the age of 50 (we never were really allowed to know her age) to be a Jewish female starting a new business in the Main Line and fighting for years for her proper respect so she and my father could pay for my medical school ( I thank all the brides and bridesmaids for my education).

She also battled me for years about my “crazy approach” with this mental health approach to taking care of my patients. That and that I needed to stop wearing my jeans and to dress in fashion(sorry, Mom somethings even god can’t change) But, she would also be really Pissed off if I didn’t keep fighting for my patients and giving in to Bullies.

My father, Reds Rosan, was a pro basketball player for the SPHAS, for years before the NBA; a Hall of Fame player at Temple plus being an All-American college player; the person who gave Dave Zinkoff his first job. , Also in his quiet way, would not allow me to give up and stop helping my patients, especially people who are suffering. He had his own way of showing his displeasure, and I dreaded those times when he was unhappy with me. So honestly,I would rather deal with them than with my Mother’s wrath(who knows she might come back just to pull my ear and don’t give up) or my father’s open hand. God Bless them and hope they are watching down(Hey, up there send money_nothing has changed )

So I guess I am going to carry on, as long as I can play some golf once in a while
Dr. Stu Rosan

3 Responses to ADD -my journey

  1. Joan S. Hayes says:

    Hey Dr. Rosan – Remember me from 10 years ago. I was your patient before moving from your area. I always thought you were a great doctor. When no one would listen you did. You confirmed my having RSD when other Docs would not. You sent me to a great specialist and I did well. I was in remission for 5 years after a horrible battle. The RSD is back again. I would love to speak with you. Please send me an email. Fondly, Joan

  2. Jackie Gualtieri says:

    Hi, Dr. Rosan! It sure has been a long time. We miss you bunches. I always tell people that you were my all time favorite doctor. You always took excellent care of my family. You treated us as a whole entity –not just as individuals, and you took the time to understand what was going on in our lives that could be affecting our health. I miss that. FYI: I didn’t mind waiting for you, even if I did complain once in a while that you were running late. Deep down I knew you were taking extra time with the patient you were seeing while I waited, and that was o.k. by me.

    Is there any way to get in touch with you?

    Miss you, and hope you are doing well!!

  3. chris connolly says:

    hey doc,glad your doing well, i’m in need of a doctor who understands my problems like you. Are you seeing patients?

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