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One Response to HOW ARE YOU DOING?

  1. Alyson Matusek says:

    Dr Rosan how are you doing its alyson matusek i was wondering of you knew of any good pschy doctors to see someone for my adhd i believe i found one that is perfect for me and my condition his name is dr behdaad bozorgnia md mapp phone number is 4845321518 he focuses only on add/adhd and anxiety which are the two main things in life that if im not treated with medication i suffer horribly im currently on statera and klonopin the statera helps very little and im on .5 bid klonopin which im use to being on 1 mg tid im suffering terribly and its like my doctor now is not being very helpful. I was in rehab for use of methamphetamine use cause at rhe time i was on probation well its been 6 months since in there and my therappist there stated affer 6 months i could go back on my adderall. Well he still will not place me on my medicine the adderall because of the past which is bullshit of i had my medicine and a doctor who cared and didnt dogde my phone calls
    I would be in great shape thats why im gonna check out the doctor above because he sounds like he could help me especially considering everything i have been through i reallt need this special doctor to help me get back on track and get my mental health together because it is so important so check out this doctor for you im looking around i think this doctor would be a perfect fit for what mental health issues o currently and struggling with. Call me if you can 2022713146 talk soon hope you are well


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