Reinvention into the corporate world

Well, I am finally working after having my “sabbatical by the powers ” and hopefully ,one of these years ,I will get past my resentment of the unfair, unjust treatment by them.   Presently,, I have been recruited  by this company in Chicago called Accretive Health to be trained as a physician advisor . This opportunity is focused  on assisting hospitals in education , training and conforming to the new policies of Medicare’s admissions coding. The  am sure you will be hearing more about this in the near future. Part of this new aggressive focus by Medicare is in response to the significant amount of money that was  lost for years  due to fraud.

It has been 6 weeks of traveling to Chicago weekly for intensive training on this new world. First, trying to adjust to corporate world has been challenging for both myself and to the people who have to supervise me.  I am still not sure what direction  this will go, but it has been very enligheting , educational , and stressful. This new situation of not being totally responsible for people and not being in control has both pros and cons.

The next adjustment was trying to be as computer savy as many of the staff who are half my age and twice as experienced with the good old PC.  I am much better than before , but I  still need to improve. I still use only 2-3  fingers totally , but they are fast fingers.

Another adjustment has been living in hotels and traveling. I don’t think I could do it rest of my life. Still it is nice having my room cleaned every day. Plus  the beds are much better than mine. Flying is definitely challenging, especially when their is overbooking; delays or cancellations due to snow;  during the holidays, when people , at times , are a tad stressed out.

So , depending on how well I perform, the  plan is to  be working soon in the  Philly area with a potential office to be set up in future. I still have a difficult time adjusting to not doing family practice and, especially , my passion of treating each  patient’s stresses and  imperfect  mental l health with impact on their physical health.

Right now, I am trying to learn a new aspect of the medical world.

Hope everyone is handling the world’s challenges as well as you can. I will get back to you later


4 Responses to Reinvention into the corporate world

  1. deb says:

    Sounds interesting, go with it. Good Luck

  2. melissa schneider says:

    Dr.Rosan, u probably don’t remember me but I saw u 4 about 2 yrs until my husbands insurance changed to BCBS and I could no longer see u. My insurance finally changed again and I have been searching 4 u hopefully be able to become ur patient again. And it figures now that I’ve found u u r no longer practicing. I wish u the best of luck in whatever u do and I hope u do get a chance 2 go bak 2 practicing medicine because I no u really did help me! I was also wondering if u no of any drs in the warminster or surrouding areas that have ur same or simalar ideas that u could possibly reccomend? Ever dr I come accross still insists I’m bi polar and I’m not gettin any better unlike when I was seeing you. Thank you so much for your help!

    • Stu Rosan says:

      I appreciate your comments, and , who knows where my journey leads me. I still have a desire to return to practice and badger my patients(they also are allowed to badger me)
      I will try and find someone who has similar philosophy, but , if he does, hopefully he didn’t have to deal withe politics as I was forced to.

    • Stu Rosan says:

      Check out new post about opening office
      Dr Rosan

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