Summer in the City 2012 -update

July 24, 2012

Well, I continue to meet rough waters in my journey trying to return to a comfort medical setting that allows quality , integrity and fun interaction with staff+patients be a major priority in a work environment , while surviving financially .
So far I have struck out. Just like the Phillies.

Right now I am working for another Urgent Care, this in Philadelphia, and I am not planning to move their if possible-too far away.
I am still crazy enough to want to start back in the Central Bucks area, especially when I am still getting calls from patients wanting me to be their doctor.Either YOU GUYS are as crazy as me, or the quality of care is lacking or you just miss being around a round, jovial Wandering Jewish doctor.

The dilemma is that I am still flat broke due to the state beating me up still due to a FALSE ACCUSATION , and they are just a tad more powerful and have just a tad more money (hell , a tree has more money than me), so I am not sure what to do.

From my multiple jobs(3 more since the Russian experiment) I am disappointed in the quality of care some providers are giving.The most frustrating thing is that many of the medical decisions are being made by non medical people, just for the sake of cutting costs.

So I am still looking for options , and I have tried to get some of the Urgent Care companies to start-up a facility in the Warrington region, but , so far , no one has committed. That or I need to find a blind , wealthy woman or win a lottery. Yeah, right!!!

This has been an update and hopefully we will all survive the heat of the summer and the coldness of the corporate run world.
Dr R.