Another Russian Connection

February 2, 2012

As most know , I haven’t had my own car for past year due to circumstances, credit reports and lack of certain documents from certain work places from . So I have helped the car rental companies economy much more than I should have , but I did not have much choice.

Well, my tour thru the car dealerships was somewhat eye- opening, frustrating and costly. Just as I am slowly getting my credit scores better, multiple dealerships either misled, offered me not the best deals or rejected me while continuously applying to multiple banks-ie., bringing my scores down .Another painful lesson in the school of life

Well, I got lucky yesterday and purchased a quality car from Connicelli’s dealerships. And the gentleman who is specially trained for “bad credit” was another Russian named Dmitri, and he was great. Most of you know that I don’t rush to complement(old staff members, no comment please) , but this guy didn’t B.S. me . After evaluating really what was my situation, he got a great rate for me that was at least 1/3 to 1/2 of rates in other places.

And to top it off, he multitasks well, can hyper focus and does get distracted at times, thrives in chaos—-hhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what he has?

So , at least for a day, life got better. I am still in the state monitoring program and still not thrilled , but I only have one more year left .I was sent back to legal, due to some missed screens, but if someone asked me 5 years ago that I would possibly miss an occasional random test , would I be surprised , well the answer is I would not be surprised due to my ADD and life’s challenges. Not much I can do but keep doing the best I can with the cards dealt me. IT IS WHAT IT IS…

I am still in the Northeast , but there only 4 days/week , and not sure where my next destination will be, but why should life be simple..
See ya,