Right now doing Urgent Care in State College, but ………..

A  small FYI. I have worked past two months  in Urgent Care and it is a good fit. It reminds me of my old practices where we had same day saves for patients. Parts of Urgent Care are cool-friendly to  my ADD, in that I am constantly going from one patient to another, I am not on call, and I am just treating acute problems.Unfortunately, there are certain issues that I am not thrilled with , and will see if they are resolved.

Urgent Care is exploding in most of the state , except , so far, in Central Bucks area. That should change real soon.I would love to do one , but it costs money, so maybe an investor will  just drop in out of the sky  .That is, to my surprise, many of the patients have simple problems that stem from the shortage of primary care doctors.Meaning, that people can’t get in to see their doctors due to the ever-increasing shortage, and , have to wait weeks if not months , just so they can prescriptions filled or work physicals done , just to name a benign situations

I also have deemed Urgent Care Centers as medical equal to the new primary care ADD offices  .Some  people want to be seen now since they  are impatient or some need to be seen now, since they have procrastinated just a tad too long. Been there, done that and quite understandable.Hellloooo, Oscar !

Or some want to be seen now , so that they  can take care of things in an orderly, timely process , feel that are still in control and not obsess about it later.  That is foreign to me .Hellloooo, Felix!!

Now that I have has  direct  patient contact past 2 months  on a clinical basis, the recruiters,actually , the malpractice departments of these recruiters ,finally approve of most of my resume. Like, I was going to lose special skills as a family doctor over two years after doing this for 30 years Yeah , right like I was doing neurosurgery in  room 2 .

Still hoping that the PHP and PHMP might  let me finish this  program early,  instead of another 1 1/2-2 years . Especially after the original psychiatrist wrote a letter stating he made an incorrect diagnosis which put me in  this program. It would be nice if they would allow that, but I guess I am still being punished for The Adult ADD . Time will tell or as I occasionally have muttered , IT IS WHAT IT IS !

See ya

2 Responses to Right now doing Urgent Care in State College, but ………..

  1. Chris says:

    Go get em, Doc. We need you back here soon!

  2. Ken says:

    So good to hear from you! Keep us updated we worry and care about you as you had cared for us for years. -Ken

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