Here we Go Again-I am working the United Nations tour-Initially Koreans, Chinese(Taiwan -Dr Cheng) then Iranian, and now finally Russians –

I have taken another detour in my attempt to return to my professional roots in the beautiful , downtown Central Bucks (obviously my journey has done some injury to my brain). Plus , I continue my medical journey of treating patients and/or employers that are different nationalities

I have left the Urgent Care Centers that were owned by the Iranian physician a couple of weeks ago due to some basic differences. One, is that he still owes me a paycheck; and, number 2 , his treatment of people , plus his ethics were much different from mine.

I started working in a Physical Medicine Rehab center in the Northeast 3 weeks ago. owned by a Mad Russian (actually not a bad guy , and as almost crazy as me ) .

Needless to say, Life is not boring (Thank God)

Most of the patients and staff talk Russian and, I , of course, have a hard time just with English , let alone Russian. So this has been unique, but everybody is pretty cool and nice to me( they don’t know me that well yet) And, really, how many people have ever listened to me ? Staffs don’t answer that. Right now I am working Part time with possibily doing full time in near future.

The nice thing here is that there 2-3 massage therapists,a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, all alternative treatments dealing with the physical and mental aspects of life.

My new address is: Health Source Rehabilitation 11880 Bustleton Avenue , Pa. 19116 Phone # 267-731-6845 and Fax # 267-731-6844If not able to get thru, you can call my cell 267-334-6137( only if absolutely necessary.)

I just became Medicare participating, but other insurances will take time. Right now , A cost of an office visit should be affordable (hell, I am not doing brain surgery-hmmmm) while the group does participate in most insurances for the services offered here..
Right now , the office hours are 10 AM to 5 PM and probably a night will be added in the future. This format is going to be low-keyed ((not crazy like the old days) , with special emphasis on mind-body connection. House calls can be done if time is available, and Medicare will cover that.

I am still restricted in prescribing stimulants for Adult ADD by the state monitoring agency at this time. Dr. Boyd , to his credit , acknowledged in a letters and in actions , that his original diagnosis of addiction /substance abuser , was totally wrong.. Unfortunately, the powers to be, today , haven’t changed their opinion for this incorrect accusation . Yes, I am still paying the price for being a strong advocate of Adult ADD as a family doctor.

So who knows how this new opportunity turns out , but after being in Chicago, State College , Scranton and Reading, at least I am getting closer to my stomping grounds.

One of my friends asked,”Are you ready for the Russians? The fact is that wherever I worked there good are and bad people who I have had to deal with , and I am sure it will be the same. So, yes , I am ready for the Russians. The bigger question is “Are the Russians ready for me?”
Only Time will tell!
It is What it Is
Dr. R.

One Response to Here we Go Again-I am working the United Nations tour-Initially Koreans, Chinese(Taiwan -Dr Cheng) then Iranian, and now finally Russians –

  1. Chris says:

    Go get em! And get back to us soon!

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