Still Paying the Price

Even after a Great letter from Dr.Boyd regarding  his diagnosis change   and literally putting in 2 weeks of 8 hrs/day of work completing government and recruiting applications   , not able to find medical employment.
I guess I might have to leave medicine , since I have been rejected again along with least 100 other opportunities and can’t find work. Unfortunately not busy in office since not able to participate in insurances yet, the economy is tough for everyone and I am still awaiting on my restrictions for prescribing stimulants for ADD.
I will have figure  something out real soon .

5 Responses to Still Paying the Price

  1. alyson wass says:

    we all love you and you deserve the right to practice medicine. you are a great doctor who cares for his patients. you always were there for me in a very professional manner. i just want dr rosan back.

  2. Stu Rosan says:

    thanks for the email. i am trying, but without money and awaiting decision regarding any restrictions, it has been very discouraging. I might work temporarily whereever i can find work, but tough around here.
    my reputation hass been unfairly beaten up ,so we will see. Thanks for the support
    Dr. R

    • Bobbi says:

      Hey dr. Rosan!
      I would ask how you are but I see you are still going through it! Deb and were talking about you, and I’m glad to see you still have the fight in you after all you’ve been through. Well my ADD is kickin in….. Would be good to see u back:)

  3. Dr. Frederick Feldman says:

    Dr. Frederick Feldman

    Greetings Stu.
    Question: Are “stimulants” the only meds you are not able to prescribe at this time? What about pain management (narcs) and other scheduled medication?
    Warm best,

    • Stu Rosan says:

      Fred , sorry I am getting back to you so late, but I have been just a tad disoriented working 4-5 days in row up at State College then back in area.
      The only meds I am not allowed to prescribe are stimulants at this time, but will keep working to change tha. All othe r meds are ok, and, I have been seeing some patients on a casual basis.
      Hope you are doing well

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