The office is open for business

As mentioned in the  prior post, after working on my part of Dr. Cheng’s office, and , of course putting up some of my old, cherished ( at least to me )posters, I am ready to be a Family Doctor again.

Also, even though I am not taking insurances for now, that could change if certain factors occur . I also keep learning how the economy has affected on everyone.  So , with Dr. Cheng’s nudging,  hopefully I  will be  taking  credit /debit cards in the near future. Also, I have scaled down my office visit fee , and , it is really not that much more than most co-pays.

My schedule has not been formally set,   so  flexibility initially will accommodate most requests.

I am going to make house calls as I have in the past in a reasonable way. I am  also considering offering home care to almost anyone who desires it , as long as it makes sense about time and cost. That means , I possibly could see more than one person per house call       The cost of the house call partly will be determined after considering certain factors , which  are: 1)  the time  spent  away from the office ; 2) the cost of gas ; 3) how many patients/visit ; 4) location and complexity of the health issues.

Now all I need is a car – just a small  dilemma that will be resolved soon ( my trusted old Toyota RAV couldn’t handle me after 7 years-do you blame it ? )

Take care, and give a call at 267-334-6137

Dr. R

One Response to The office is open for business

  1. alyson wass says:

    dr r it is june 19th 2011 were is the office get back to me asap alyson remember target your fav patient

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