It is time to get back on the horse

 I am pleased to announce that I am restarting my practice beginning Monday, May 2  at  Dr.Michael Cheng’s office in Horsham, Pa.   As I have mentioned in past posts, this will be a downsized situation, since, nowadays, very few solo doctors are still in practice. Also, this new endeavor is truly a work in progress, and, one of my few strengths that I still retain is flexibility which will be definitely needed by everyone.

One of the valuable lessons I have learned from the traumatic challenges the last 5 yearswas  the need to finally take care of myself as well as I take care of my patients. At this time due to multiple reasons, I will not participate in any insurances. I know this might limit the amount of patients that I see, and I apologize to all in advance.

I do know that I will continue to treat my patients as I have in the past, meaning having a friendly partnership with you as a goal to improve your quality of life.

Right now, you can call my cell number, 267-334-6137, to schedule an appointment or email me at Right now I am my whole staff, so patience (especially for my ADD patients) is  needed.

So, let’s get this adventure started, and hopefully, this time it will be a fun ride!


Dr. Stu Rosan

619 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19044

When going to the  office , you will need to look for  red white and blue sign   that is shared with the oral surgery group and Comprehensive Chiropractic Care( Dr. Michael Chang).  The building is right next to Horsham Water Sewer Authority.  *** Click on the following link: for directions .

The entrance of the office is located on side , and , office is on the  second floor.

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