October 1, 2009

Just a personal note.Unfortunately, two patients have passed away and their families are good people.
Wes W. passed away at too young of age(28) and Paula , Jason and Sty have already grieved in the past about another son. Say a prayer for the family.

Bob Schultz has helped the practice significantly volunteering his time as a temporary office manager during the horrible days after the Blues suspension. Unfortunately, his wife passed away after a long battle with Ovarian Cancer, in which he devoted all his time and effort in supporting her battle. Say a prayer for him.

Sorry if I am too pushy, but I always cared for my patients.

If any other patients have passed away without my knowledge, please let me know. Thanks

Dr. R

4 Responses to October 1, 2009

  1. john rink says:

    I have been contacting a number of physicians in the Doylestown area regarding a possible referral relationship. I am a medical massage therapist operating two offices in Jamison and Bedminster areas. I have been in practice for over ten years and have helped many fibromyalgia patients as well as other issues. I would love to talk to you as well..my number is 215-688-2172 have a great day! john rink

  2. donna & rich says:

    we miss you. dr rosan, it is hard for all of us starting over for you and us .so when you start up your new practice frick & frack will be there.. the davies

  3. Louann Gogolin says:

    Hi Dr. Rosan,
    My family misses you very much. Things are not so good with my Mother and I am very stressed out. Nick and Jeremy also have been dealing with their issues. I am telling you,I have yet to have a doctor as caring and willing to listen as you were. I wish you were back in practice. You were the best of the best. Hope you are doing well.

  4. David Buscavage says:

    Hey Doc, Just checking in, hoping you had a wonderful holiday and hope the New Year brings you better times.
    take care and I hope you return to a new practice soon.

    take care doc.

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