September 22,2009

September 22, 2009

Hope everyone had a good summer, I wish Happy New Year to all my patients and friends, regardless of your religious beliefs. Lets hope things get better.
My journey is still taking a much more complicated twist than anticipated.

I am still working hard to see if I can restart my practice, and I appreciate many of your inquiries about my future.As always, it is about money-specifically the amount for my malpractice premium. When I am able to solve that dilemna, I will be able to start practicing immediately.

Until then, I am looking at some other opportunities as a transition. And there are some new possibilities that might help me get out of this nightmare .I am still very involved with Adult ADD, even though I won’t be allowed to prescribe stimulants at this time. A very Slippery SLope.

All I know is that my practice’s approach to treating our dysfunctions , which benefitted our physical health, is much more progressive and HONEST than the traditional , defensive type medicine that sadly exists in today’s healthcare. That would truly be HEALTH CARE REFORM, but we all know how well that was received and how much both you and I have paid the price for this thinking.

Sorry, I might be down, but, I am not dead.I will keep striving to do what’s best for the patient.