Which direction will I go -couples ?

Well. things again are crazy. Recently , I worked at an Urgent Care for the first week in June week , while being scheduled full-time for the rest of June , so I blocked off the month for this center. They than realized they had no money to pay me , so I am still waiting to be paid and I worked there 6 weeks ago

Time will tell what direction I will follow .I wouldn’t mind starting up a small practice again or an Urgent Care(Mental Health oriented) Either way, money is required.
Another option is looking to work outside the state , now that It will be easier for me to obtain another state license.
I am still doing some house calls and enjoying that , so I might increase that part along with sharing office space with another doctor.

I am also looking into doing couples therapy in a different way.
1) Meet and counsel couples one time together , followed by counseling each partner separately
2) Diagnose and treat each partner’s dysfunctions and stresses
3) Finally counsel both together .

I have done this on a limited amount of couples recently and in my practice, with much success . Since I have had more time off, I have been able to spend more time on these couples . There is no guarantee that it will keep people together.
What it does is help each person understand the dynamics of their relationship, while trying take away the guilt and blame game.
Finally , this will allow people to think more logically and less emotionally, which in turn , hopefully good short and long-term decisions can be made about their relationship.

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