Only short stay on Farm, but some good news FINALLY

June 20, 2013

I just have been informed by the State and the Board , that I have completed my 5 year program , so now I can move on with my life. . This has been a very difficult 5 years and I am glad I have survived-barely. .

Right now I am looking for employment again I worked 1 1/2 weeks ago at a New Urgent Care near Lock Haven. Unfortunately, for that week the owners have not paid me yet due to their . Unfortunately, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

And the Urgent Care group and owner that I worked for off and on past couple of years had his Langhorne office locked out by the sheriff’s department ( of course the one time I worked there was that day )for multiple violations.

I still would love to open up an Urgent Care in Warrington area, and, have discussed this with different companies about the potential of this. .It comes down to money and investors.

All I know is that it is a PERFECT STORM ER’s are overcrowded,; Primary doctors are becoming more scarce; NO Urgent Care Centers between Montgomeryville and Abington; I now have 3 years of Urgent Care experience in 3 different companies ;I still have a decent following in this area making about 5-8 house calls /week;and I have Bank of America willing to invest as long as I have good credit scores( Hell, haven’t seen that ever since the start of my divorce). So hopefully time will tell.

Actually, I would like to start a MENTAL HEALTH Urgent Care Center, because , I have a gut feeling that there is still a tad amount of people who are stressed. But Hey , what do I knoW

June 4,2013-New Job-Down on the farm(or at least close to one)

June 4, 2013

I have left Advanced Urgent Care due to some uncomfortable occurrences that happened the past couple of weeks.
I am now working in beautiful , downtown Mill Hall, Pa at a new Urgent Care (5 minutes from Lock Haven ) for awhile. I still live in Warrington area 1/2 the time doing my house calls as needed, but, right now I am down on the farm (or close to one)
So far have not seen a schul or a Jewish Delli (actually no delli)

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