IT SUCKS getting older, but ……

Well I turned 64 today and shit, its hard to believe I am this f****king old and , after these past 10 challenging years , its hard to believe I am still alive. Thanks to all that helped keep me standing. Lets hope that if I make it to 74, that at least one of the 10 years will be a good one.

Also, I am working on a possible urgent center in Warrington. Looking for possible investors. Meanwhile, I am doing House Calls for anyone, just don’t take insurances and still awaiting decision regarding if I will be able to prescribe meds for ADD. Urgent Care is where it is at and only going to get bigger.
Maybe its time to finally get lucky. Time will tell and IT IS WHAT IT IS

One Response to IT SUCKS getting older, but ……

  1. simply me says:

    Wish you the best of luck. they say it must get worse before it gets better so you been throu the worse know is time for it to get better. your an awsome docter.

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