New ADD Group sponsoring DR.Hallowell (Driven to Distraction)

I just joined this new organization ADDAWARE and they are having Dr. Hallowell talk in 2-3 weeks at Doylestown Counrty Club. Might be interesting -who knows. Driven to istraction is the bible for Adult ADD

Announcement from ADHD Aware-Our first annual Gala
Join us for our first annual Gala-“An Evening with Edward Hallowell, MD”

ADHD Aware is hosting its first Gala: “An Evening with Edward Hallowell, MD” on Thursday, March 18th at the Doylestown Country Club, 20 Country Club Lane, Doylestown, PA. The Gala supports programming that equips those affected by ADHD with strategies to confidently realize their full potential. Dr. Hallowell is an internationally celebrated author of fourteen books, lecturer, and practicing physician. He and co-author Dr. John Ratey wrote the 1994 groundbreaking bestseller, “Driven to Distraction”, which introduced the world to ADHD and transformed how attention deficit disorder was perceived and treated. Dr. Hallowell has appeared on Oprah, 20/20, 60 Minutes, CNN, The View, and more, speaking about attention deficit disorder, the power of the human connection, and dealing with worry.

Please join us for a lovely reception and evening of inspiring and informative dialogue. There will be a Private Champagne Reception from 6:00-7:30 (limited seating), a Community Reception from 7:30-8:00, followed by Dr. Hallowell’s Keynote speech at 8:00. This is going to be an extraordinary and inspiring event. To RSVP and for additional details, visit our website at

One Response to New ADD Group sponsoring DR.Hallowell (Driven to Distraction)

  1. Bill A. says:

    Hello Stu…

    I was just going thru some stuff on the PC and you came to mind. Thought I would check the blog to see if you had a recent posting and was glad to see an update.

    I wish you a belated Happy Birthday and a great 2010! Still hoping we can do breakfast sometime this year.

    Take care.

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