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Very exciting news!!!! A new study from Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School has found that omega-3 fatty acid supplements to the diet in the form of fish oil are an effective first-line intervention for ADHD and bi-polar disorder. As I learn more about the study I will post it on the blog, but I know the lead investigator, Dr. Janet Wozniak, is first-rate. This is a very compelling finding. We did a small study at my center in Sudbury two years ago that produced the same finding. Children who took fish oil supplementation improved their scores on a variety of cognitive tests as well as redueced the reported negative symptoms of ADHD over a two month period. More to come….

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  1. Joanne says:

    Hello Dr. Rosan,

    I am so HAPPY you haven’t lost your passion to help fight for people with ADD. To read this has been very exciting for me. i have been looking for alternative ways to treat A.D.D for a long time. Yes Stimulnts are Very efffective. However, I work in pharmacy and it is unfortunate for people who have ADD to have to deal with the negative attitudes and being treated like a 2nd class citizen. It baffles my mind how we can put a man on the Moon , yet we can not come up with an effective medication for ADD that is not a controlled med?? The bottom line is,,, there is any profit for a drug company to take on that project. I have also been taking OMEGA 3 and I feel it has been a great find. Thank you for posting. I hope to see you again, How can I go to another Docter? I have been with you since I was 18 yrs ol……and that was ..ummmmmmm……welll I’ll leave that answer blank !! Hahahah Best of luck to you and your family!! Take care, Joanne cowhey rinkus

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