I guess I am just going to be a content Board Eligible Family Doc that does much better with patients than taking tests

December 30, 2015

As expected, I found out today that I DIDN’T PASS THE BOARDS. I am still Board Eligible , and I can take the boards again 6 months (not sure if I want to do this again).

I can still + will practice anywhere in the country, and really nothing has changed.

Hell, I haven’t been Board Certified last 5 years after the state and the PHP unfairly and unjustly went after me 7 years ago.
Prior to the PHP nightmare I passed the boards for 30 years every 6-8 years

Certain hospital owned practices and certain Urgent Care centers due to their bylaws won’t allow doctors to be hired if you are not Board Certified.

I knew that I had just a long shot to pass, since I haven’t done hospital medicine in 15 years (most Family docs don’t do it), I was twice the age of most doctors taking the exams; Exams were all about academic , no oral exams or common sense family medicine questions

Plus, I haven’t practiced family medicine on a regular basis ever since the PHP debacle; I have worked more in Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and House Calls.

I studied decently, but the only way I truly learn is by doing family medicine on a regular basis due to my ADD.

Doesn’t matter that I have a great patient and staff satisfaction approval rating , never had a negative malpractice suit or that I passed the boards for 30 years

It hurts , but I am not devastated or shocked . I guess I will be bummed for 1-2 days , and after emotions clear, I will decide which of my many options I will pursue.

Politics , power, and money rules( Presently short supply of all three), and I continue to pay the price for thinking outside the box, being a family doc who is somewhat an unofficial expert on Adult ADD.

This is not a pity party, just letting many of my patients, colleagues and friends know the results , since so many have inquired about the Boards.

Life goes on.

And the medical world wonders why family practice is becoming extinct.


dr. stu rosan