Fun day tomorrow of 10 hours testing for the Politically controlled Family Practice Recertification Exams

November 16, 2015

Well, I am going to have a fun day tomorrow. I am going to take my Family Practice Re-Certification Boards, which will be 10 hours of different tests.

Basically, it’s an all Academic ,hospital based content without any oral testing which means no exact measure of how a doctor interacts with patients. Plus, I will be taking the exams with other doctors half my age , who only really know Academics. Last dilemma is , as with most other older docs, I haven’t done any Hospital medicine in the last 15 years .

Having an excellent, large patient satisfaction following for years and no negative malpractice lawsuit in my 35 years means nothing in these corporate controlled healthcare new worlds.

Along with being ADD with difficulty reading , I am not too optimistic about the outcome. It’s all about Politics and money for the Boards and , of course, Bullshit!

I have always been able to practice the past 5 years of being only Board Eligible. What it means is , if I don’t pass, then I will still be unable to apply for half of job opportunities , most being hospital related practices.

I was Board Certified for 30 years ,passing my boards every 6 years. then lost my Certification when I was “volunteered” placement in the PHP for 5 years , and taken off my Adderall for the first 3 years. after being falsely accused of impairment .

So , of course, the 2nd year that I was in this program, and not allowed to be on my meds and tad stressed by this program ,I did not pass..

Hell my concern is my ability to sit for 9-10 hours without too much impact on my health( with 2 prior back surgeries and being Diabetic).

Hopefully, I will be able to answer all the questions in time, physically be able to walk out of the testing site , so that I can drive home nd pour myself a stiff drink.


Dr. R.