Well, I am getting involved in Telemedicine -Health Tap

Hello to all,

Its been a long , strange healthcare journey, and, for whatever reason, I am still standing. Have survived the medical corporate barrage, and just trying to practice as always.

I Still listen and talk to patients, but seems like I am becoming a dinosaur ( Hmm, might be a good name for a new practice) but I am sure many of you are feeling the same.WHO KNEW THAT 10 -20 YEARS AGO WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS ?


Well, I am getting involved in Telemedicine and this link will hopefully explain this new venue.
This allows patients old or new to be seen by me via a Health type of Skype, HIPPA secured,and I can treat patients ,except for Class 2 meds, with a modest visit cost.

All new to me, so not sure how this will work, but will allow me to see patients without having to depend on an office at this time. I still do House Calls , no insurance , no hassles , just you and me wherever and when schedule fits.

And as always, thanks for all the support over the years. It sure was not my intention to close my practices. Shit happens( you expected me not curse all of a sudden?)

Talk to you later

Dr. Stu Rosan

8 Responses to Well, I am getting involved in Telemedicine -Health Tap

  1. Alyson Matusek says:

    Dr.Rosan you will always be the best family doctor I have had. I will be getting ahold of you at the beginning of the month. I need to have a refill on my Firocet for my headaches and as you know that is a non scheduled drug so we are okay. My head hurts so bad still going through the nonsense and ofcourse I can not wait for it to be over. I feel as though peace is coming my way and Ive been down the same road you have. Lost everything and did nothing wrong. We will talk. I love you to the moon and back. By the way how much would it be to have the fiorcet called into the pharmacy as for I don’t get my check till the 1st. Email me back please thegirls4@live.com or call 2673016657. I have always been so thankful for your family practice and no you did not deserve what happened to you. I love ya!

    • Stu Rosan says:

      Sorry for the delay, but was bit distracted. I would need to see you first, before I prescribe anything. It must be at least 7-8 years since I saw you.
      Also, I don’t take insurances , just cash right now. Can’t afford any personnel, just on my own.
      Appreciate the kind words. Hopefully, you are doing OK

  2. Jonathan Schilling says:

    Greetings Dr Rosen, I came to see you a little over a month ago in Hatfield while you were covering for Dr Jaffe. We had a discussion about me having previously been on Adderall but I wanted to try something new so you prescribed me vyvanse, which without my knowledge isn’t covered by my insurance. So after a few weeks of calling to find out when you would be in again and receiving no response I went to the pharmacy and purchased 12 of the thirty which was all I could afford. Today I went and saw Dr Jaffe who wouldn’t write me a prescription for Adderall or Adderall XR which are both covered by my insurance, instead he gave me a number to see a neurologist. I left him my number to give to you in the hopes that you will contact me because I haven’t felt this focused, organized and driven since my old insurance stopped along with my medication. Please contact me I have two days supply left before I return to the same impulsive and scattered person I was. Sincerely – Jonathan W. S.

  3. Jonathan Schilling says:

    By the way, you can reach me via email at jonschilling6@Gmail.com or 2676424193, and thank you again, I’ve accomplished more in the past 9 days then I have in the past 10 years.
    – Jonathan W.S.

  4. Jonathan Schilling says:

    And thank you

  5. zac brigante says:

    Hi Dr. Rosen, My name is Zac Brigante and I work with Trinity Healthcare. I have been reading your blog and have a copy of your CV so I hope it is ok to reach out to you. I was wondering if you would be interested in a full time psychiatry locums opportunity about 1 hour outside of Pittsburgh? my email address is zbrigante@trinityhsg.com and my direct line is 843-656-0553. I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Stu Rosan says:

    I appreciate the offer, but , even though I do a ton of mental health, I am only a family doc, not a psychiatry. Good luck in your research

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