This is getting very frustrating

October 3, 2014

This is getting very frustrating.

Got screwed again , this time from last assignment. After being extended on a monthly basis , when originally it was only a 2 month situation, for 8 months , the recruiter and owner of this practice terminated “my services ” suddenly when 1 week earlier I was asked to extend thru September ,which I agreed to the extension.

Well, one check was delayed payment 4 weeks , but kept being misled after being informed only 5 days earlier that I would receive both checks at same time.
They withheld one of my checks of $1400, stating they needed to pay for accrued costs of my early “termination”, which was totally bogus.

The integrity of these places just keeps getting worse, and I am having to look for work again. Meaning , no one is rushing to hire an “Old Doctor not Board Certified(even though I was for 30 years)

I am seriously thinking of changing my House Call practice, which is just minimally part-time, into a full-time opportunity or be forced to move from this area.