Sucks getting older

I appreciate everyone wishing me a Happy Birthday, but don’t rush it. My Birthday is this Thursday, when I get real old-65. Shit, I don’t have much of a family, but I got a whole bunch of  patients/ friends who are as dysfunctional as me-Thank God.
Also I am working part time in York, Pa for a family  practice group , and I  am still pretty good at it , and , yes, there are dysfunctions to be treated even in York.
Also I want to give a shout out to an old patient that I bumped into -Steve Pullara, who is now getting big time as singer/songwriter for children. He even remembers and appreciates some counseling advice from many years ago . Shit, I can’t remember what I said a week ago , let alone 10-15 years ago, but thanks, Steve.

One Response to Sucks getting older

  1. David Bennett says:

    I am applying for Social Security disability and it would be helpful for my lawyer to speak with you. Would that be ok?

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