SO ,Where are my old English teachers when I need them?

February 20, 2011

Well, I have seemed to hit a snag in my Chicago adventure.

My productivity is not where it should be , and, I am trying my best, but  partly because of my ADD, it is  a challenge to sit in one spot , stay focused for a  long  period , while  producing  a well scripted  report. My dilemma is that I was never very good in English, as most of  you could figure out by interacting with me, and now I  need  to make prompt  , well written reports to continue in this opportunity.

 Trying to format reports properly,  while  avoid making  consults disjointed has become a major challenge that I haven’t been able to overcome at this time. Correcting the mistakes along with reviewing the critiques is time-consuming, which translates into less productivity.

SO ,Where are my old English teachers when I need them?

Time will tell , but ……….