Another step back to practicing

November 2, 2010

Well, some more good news . I have had my Pennsylvania Medical License renewed without any problems past week, so my license has been intact ever since I received my original license in 1976 ( I do feel old-it caught up with me the past 5 years)

So the question is NOW what do I do. I am definitely in conflict , because I really would like to start-up my practice again, in a downsized , no insurance , partly mental health oriented type of practice. Just like it was the last 6 months when I was practicing. Doing solo practice any other way is just economic suicide

As always, it all comes down to money. My finances are barren , as one would surmise from not working past 2 1/2 years. I might have a place to practice at with a reasonable start-up situation. But there is no guarantees and I have to decide soon if it is worth the risk , plus trying to obtain some startup funds.

My other option is to find employment , either part-time or full-time. Unfortunately , due to my “baggage” and my “questionable reputation”, both being out of my control and untrue, has made it difficult for me to find work in the metropolitan area.

Last option, which I am trying to avoid, is looking for work in the more rural or western part of the state. I would rather stay in area since I enjoy bumping into so many of patients-friends and still enjoy living in Central Bucks.

I am not complaining, since I am more fortunate than most to still have a good chance of finding work. So time will tell how the cards are dealt.

Dr. R.