October 14, 2010

The following is just a peak into my dealings the past 2 weeks with MCARE , the state and a great malpractice broker, Russ Wylie regarding obtaining tail coverage That was the main reason that prevented me from practicing medicine in Pennsylvania.

It took 2 1/2 years of trying to get this coverage, and I am quite pleased that today I was finally able to get tail coverage, and have that Negative factor removed from my medical license.

After being denied by at least 6 malpractice carriers , Russ along with his malpractice company was the only one that would allow me to purchase Tail coverage.
This is not even the regular malpractice insurance, but at least one major hurdle has been removed.
Next hurdle is getting my present medical license renewed by October 31. Hopefully , there will be no problems, but , I guess I am a little anxious due to past 5 years of rulings that impacted on my practice and myself.
When that happens, then I have to determine what direction I will follow. Due to no income past 3 years and being beat up last 5 years , restarting my practice will be very difficult to accomplish, even though I would love to do this .
Only time will tell.

Sent 10/14 2010 5pm
Dear Jeff,

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Just like Russ Wylie, you are the man!!

The state, the medical boards and MCARE should be very happy with you. You’re handling of situations, along with being very respectful of people that you are interacting with on daily has been GREAT.

Unfortunately, in my experiences dealing with certain organization in the health world, this has been RARE. You can ask Dr. Boyd and others that my honesty and integrity sometimes gets me into trouble. Not this time, since you have earned my admiration… Maybe, my karma is changing.

Thanks again

Stuart.W. Rosan D.O.


Sent: Thu, Oct 14, 2010 3:27 pm

Dr. Rosan:

The appropriate tail coverage has been received and processed by Mcare.

I have notified the Professional Compliance Office, Department of State that you are now compliant.

I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

Thank you!


Jeffrey N
Mcare Fund |

Dear Mr. N,
I agree that I should have waited, but certain factors precipitated my sending letter at that time.

I received an email from the Pa Board of Osteopathic Medicine today, stating that they can’t assist me in my sensitive situation until my application is in their office.

So I felt that it was essential to get the application in, which I did by FedEx, and, they will receive it tomorrow by noon.

My main anxiety is that I needed to get this renewal in by the board’s deadline of October 31. Plus, their application states that to ensure no gap between present license and the new license, the application should get to their office by October 1.

I have had some questionable decisions that have significantly impacted on my life the past 5 years, so please understand that my anxiety is quite appropriate and my trust has been shaken.

All I want is fairness, communication and the ability to take care of patients again… I don’t think that is too much to ask for from a family doctor who has done quality medicine and been well appreciated by patients for 30 years

Your department and you have been very understanding, supportive and fair. I truly appreciate your patience and your assistance the past year,

Thanks again,

Stuart W. Rosan D.O.