New Direction

At this time I have decided to focus just on positive things in life and that also relates to my BLOG. I have streamlined my blog even more , so that we can focus on the present and the future. The past is the past and there have been good and not so good times. That is LIFE and generally I am fairly content that I have helped so many people, and, I will continue to help in the future.

Just because certain posts and comments are not seen on this blog does not mean that they are history. Actually, many of the thoughts and prayers by all of you will always be stored and cherished for many years.

This is NOT a good bye, just a different direction in this challenging journey called life. I am still processing my way towards employment options and as soon as I find the answer to my quest for the right type of work, all of you will be notified.

As always,

ps:Long live all the Oscars and Felixes in all of us!!

5 Responses to New Direction

  1. Jack Shmukler says:

    Dr. R. Just wanted to say hey, HEY. Also to let you know I think of you often and miss our sometimes late(but long) visits. Stay in touch.

  2. Andrea L. says:

    Hey Dr. Rosan! I really need to know where I can get a copy of my medical records from your office in Warrington. It’s kind of urgent. I’m not sure if you remember me but we worked together at Doylestown and warrington family practice. Heather’s best friend Ang. The file throwing incident? lol. I see you have a medical record release form on here…do i mail it to the Right way services to get the records? I hope you are doing well and maybe someday we can get caught up, it’s been a while since i last seen you!

    • WFP says:

      Ang, Yes, I do remember you. Hope all is well. Please give me your last name again, and I will look for your chart. Did I see you in my Warrinton office?If not, I doubt I would have any records, unless you asked them to be sent from DWFP. lET ME KNOW Dr. R

  3. Jack Shmukler says:

    Dr. R,
    I really need my records and am getting nothing from right way services. Please help!!!!!

  4. Jorge Graubard says:

    Great to hear your “voice”. How can I reach you? I lost my phone last year with all my contact info.
    Send me a response to my e-mail.

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