November 20, 2008

Merritt Hawkins & Associates Bulletin …

12,000 Physicians Speak Out About Medical Practice Today

Merritt Hawkins & Associates was commissioned by The Physicians’ Foundation, a national grant-making organization composed of physicians and leaders of numerous state medical societies, to find out what physicians think about the state of medical practice in the U.S.

The survey was sent to more than 300,000 primary care physicians and specialists, making this survey among the largest of its kind ever commissioned. The result is “The Physicians’ Perspective: Medical Practice in 2008,” a report summarizing responses from approximately 12,000 physicians. The survey has a margin of error of less than 1 percent, reflecting an accurate representation of how physicians view the practice of medicine today.

The report underlines an issue of national importance–patient access to physicians. According to the report:

48 percent of physicians plan to reduce the number of patients they see, or stop seeing patients altogether.
78 percent believe there is an existing shortage of primary care doctors in the U.S. today.
60 percent would not recommend a medical career to young people.
This report has been the subject of national news stories appearing on CNN, The Wall Street Journal and in numerous other media, and will be utilized in discussions with political leaders and policy experts throughout the U.S. .